Принцип измерения

Магнитостриктивные датчики - принцип изиерения

In Magnetostrictive Transducers respectively hydraulic sensors a current pulse is generated inside a copper pipe for the position measuring, thereby a circular magnetic field is created which spreads bundled inside a waveguide. The permanent magnet of the Magnetostrictive Transducer forms measuring detector whose magnetic flux line is at a 90° degree angle to electric flux line of the current pulse. Because of the heterodyne of the flux lines a flexible distortion is generated inside the waveguide by magnetostriction. The distortion spreads to both sides inside the waveguide. The propagation speed amounts 2850 m/s. This mechanic pulse turns into a electric signal in the end of the waveguide. A controller calculates the run-time from the source until the Signal Conditioner. This run-time is proportional to the distance between Signal Conditioner and permanent magnet. This principle enables a contactless, nonwearing and absolute measurement. Magnetostrictive Transducers are working reliable with hydraulic cylinders, machine tools, squeezing machines, woodworking machines, rolling mills, packaging machines, assembly gantries, and cutting lines.